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Wine Toast

How to taste wines?

How do you taste all the nuances of a luxurious wine? Follow these 4 steps and master all the basics of wine tasting, and start your journey to become a professional wine sommelier.

1. Introduce & inspect

First thing when tasting a wine is to visually inspect it. 

How is the colour? How is the transparency and deepness of the colours? 

How is the viscosity and thickness of the wine?

The wine' look gives you clues about the experience to come.

2. Swirl & smell

Gently move your glass in a circular motions for a few seconds. Swirling the wine helps to release fantastic aromatic vapours.

What do you smell? Think big to small and try to think in categories. 

Are you smelling citrus, flowers, fruits or wood? Try to stay on a general level before going into details -- looking for a particular note can lead to frustration. 

3. Taste & think

After a gentle swirl, try to sip the wine. What do you taste? Salty, sour, sweet, or bitter? What texture does the wine have? Can you taste the "richness" of the wine?

How long do you taste the wine? Is there an beginning, a middle and an end? Try asking yourself; how long it takes for the wine to no longer being with you.

4. Rest & Relax

Last thing when tasting wines is to summerise the wine. What was the overall profile of the wine? What did you enjoy the most? What was the most profound thing you noticed?


Putting words on your experience helps you to remember the wine and your experience enjoying the wine.

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